The Value of EVault: How to Protect Your Distillate Investment

We often get asked for the best reasons people should use our products over any other storage solution currently on the market (or the old traditional ways). There are several reasons. Many know that our CVault storage container helps to maintain the freshness of flower buds, spices and other dried herbs. Fewer people know that our EVault is designed to provide the same level of protection for distillate investment.

If your business or hobby involves packaging plant extracts for storage or transportation, and you value the purity of your products, using an EVault is a no brainer. Read below for some of the best reasons to choose an EVault for packaging, storing, and protecting your liquid extracts.

Reason #1: Avoid Distillate Container Accidents

While storage might not be the first thing on a person’s mind when cultivating plant extract, choosing a weed storage container that will protect a precious product is extremely important and can save you a lot of money in the long run. You put a lot of work into cultivating an amazing plant. The same effort and care should be put into preserving the plant at peak freshness. When you choose the right storage container you’ll ensure product freshness and keep it safe from accidental damage.

One of the traditional methods of storage for distillate includes mason jars. Though glass is one of the most widely used products, it’s also one of the most fragile and most likely to fail. Mason jars are easily dropped and do not stand up to earthquakes or other unexpected disturbances. Rather, the glass easily breaks, and it becomes impossible to remove the shards from the product inside. When you choose glass, you risk a complete loss.

The EVault’s ability to withstand pressure, being dropped, and other accidents is one of the leading reasons it’s the premier storage container for those who want to protect their product from an array of possible incidents over a long period of time.

Reason #2: Inexpensive Insurance

Many people purchase insurance to protect their products, but an EVault is like insurance because of how well they protect the product inside them. Broken mason jars are a universal bummer. They are also a thing of the past when you transfer your product storage system from glass to EVault’s incredibly strong stainless steel.

When it comes to transporting your flower bud or distillate product, glass storage containers are a huge liability. This is true even if your product rarely leaves the premises. A team member could drop a glass jar or something could fall on top of it, and suddenly your product and your profits are gone. In these situations, EVault containers are a no brainer for lowering the amount of profit you lose to damage.

Let’s look at the breakdown:

Say you have 6 liters of distillate.

You need to protect your product and the potential for $51,000 in sales.

A 6-liter EVault retails for $130 – or just 2.5% of the cost of your product.

Even if you have insurance, you can protect your distillates even further with an EVault. In addition to protection from spillage, you eliminate the likelihood of light and moisture damage when you store your product in our high-quality 316 surgical grade stainless steel container.

Reason #3: EVault is the Best Protection for Distillate Investment

If you’re involved in the quickly growing industry of bulk oil sales, the EVault is the best option for ensuring a safe transfer of large quantities of product from you to the customer every time. Not only will the EVault preserve freshness, but it will protect the precious liquid from many potential threats of damage.

Boveda offers several different sizes of EVault and CVault storage containers so you can always find the right size for the amount of distillate or flower you need to safely transport and store. Shop our online store today for all of your storage needs and protect your distillate investment the right way.