Top 6 Reasons Why You Need a Humidor Bag

Find yourself slipping into tobacco shops when you travel? Collecting more cigars than your humidor can handle? Or leaving sticks behind in a golf bag, car console or boat glove box? 

You invest time and money on premium cigars, right? Not protecting them against humidity fluctuations—even for a few hours—damages your sticks, diminishes their flavor and affects the way they smoke. So always have a few humidor bags on hand to keep your cigars in ideal condition wherever you go or wherever you leave them. 

Aren’t All Humidor Bags Alike? 

For starters, a humidor bag is not an ordinary plastic food bag, which you shouldn’t use to store cigars anyway. When you’re shopping for a humidor bag, make sure it feels sturdy and that you can reseal it so it’s airtight. That’s crucial because you want to keep humidity in and dry air out. Additionally, look for a humidor bag with a strong odor barrier. This keeps cigars fresh, so they don’t end up smelling like a leather golf bag or sweaty ski boots. And remember, no humidor bag can preserve cigars if you don’t use Boveda inside. 

Conveniently, a Boveda Humidor Bag ticks all those boxes and comes preloaded with Boveda 69% RH to protect cigars for up to 12 months. After a year, just replace the Boveda to keep using your Boveda Humidor Bag. Take care of it and it can last forever!

“Absolutely love that I can keep cigars fresh and split a box with my friends. Usually buy a box and share and the rest goes in my humidor. Excited to use this on travel.”

— Kent S., Verified Boveda Humidor Bag Fan
How to Choose the Right Humidor Bag - chart showing small (5 cigars), medium (15 cigars), or large (80 cigars)
Engineered to protect premium cigars, Boveda Humidor Bags are more than 2x more effective for storing cigars than ordinary food storage bags.  

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Never put new cigars or dry cigars in a humidor. They can “steal” moisture from the cigars that are already in there. Condition cigars first in a Boveda Humidor Bag to get new sticks up to your preferred RH and then move them to your humidor.

“With new cigars, you can’t rush the hands of time,”  cigar lover Rob Gagner said. “I once bought some cigars that came in at 62%. After two weeks in an acrylic humidor—not even a wood humidor—their RH still wasn’t above 64%. I had to wait four and a half weeks to get it up to 69%! The rule of thumb is it takes four times longer to rehumidify a cigar than it does to dehumidify a cigar.”  

How to condition and revive cigars with a Boveda Humidor Bag
Place the cigars inside the humidor bag then let them sit for four to six weeks to acclimate them to 69%. 

TIP: To revive dry cigars, you might need some more “horsepower” in a humidor bag. You can always add a few extra Boveda 69% RH to the humidor bag. Boveda can never over humidify cigars, it can’t go above the RH level printed on the packaging. Learn more about the science of Boveda.

“Now every time I get a new box of cigars, I’ll throw them in a large Boveda Humidor Bag with FOUR Size 60 Boveda 69% RH.”

– Rob Gagner, Host of Box Press Podcast
Large Boveda Humidor Bag holds up to 80 cigars
Wondering where to store cigars while you season a wood humidor? A large Boveda Humidor Bag holds up to 80 cigars or an entire box. Use this large size to acclimate or condition all the new premium cigars you buy before adding them to a humidor.


You can permanently store cigars in a Boveda Humidor Bag, which makes it the perfect solution if you’re running out of room in your current humidor. Each bag is preloaded with Boveda, airtight and convenient to keep around. Simply keep a few in a drawer to take advantage of box sales or shop ahead for celebration cigars for a wedding, promotion or graduation. 

“I store 90% of my cigar collection in Boveda Humidor Bags.”

– Rob Gagner, Host of Box Press Podcast
The Boveda Medium Humidor Bag holds up to 15 cigars.
Fill the medium Boveda Humidor Bag with your favorites and hit the road. Take up to 15 cigars with you on the green, on the lake and at the campfire. Perfect for sharing and swapping smokes at a herf.


Got a wood humidor or a wineador with wood shelves? You must season the wood before you use it for cigar storage. Twice a year, you’ll also need to remove your cigars and store them elsewhere for 14 days while you reseason that wood humidor or wineador. Think of a Boveda Humidor Bag as an AirBNB for cigars—safe digs for both a two-week and long-term stay.

Learn the safest way to season a humidor or wineador with Boveda 84% RH.

“I didn’t want to wait to order cigars until after my humidor finished seasoning, so I purchased one of these. It worked exactly as designed and kept the RH right in the sweet spot until I moved everything into my humidor.”

— Joshua J., Verified Boveda Humidor Fan


Attention cigar lovers, you don’t need an expensive humidor. At less than $15, a Boveda Humidor Bag is the most economical way to safely store cigars.

With a humidor bag, a cigar newbie can kickstart a cigar hobby without investing a lot of change or effort. Often new cigar smokers think cigar care is complicated. Since this humidor bag is preloaded with Boveda, all you do is add new cigars, then zip the bag closed. Using Boveda, you’ll preserve the oils, sugars and flavors of the tobacco. Properly storing cigars lets you enjoy them to their fullest.

“I used to fiddle with humidors: check the hygrometer; add distilled water; etc. But with this bag, just stash the cigars and forget it. Great price, too!”

— Paperback Writer, Verified Boveda Humidor Fan


Use a Boveda Humidor Bag as a travel humidor to protect vacation cigars. It’s portable enough to slip into a carry-on, backpack or handbag and will protect any souvenir cigars you bring back with you.  
Prefer the look of a leather cigar case? Simply slip cigars into a small Boveda Humidor Bag before you tuck them inside your case, so you won’t have to sacrifice a good smoke for style. 

“Perfect to take to Mexico or the Caribbean when you plan to purchase cigars to bring home.”

—Marcella, Verified Boveda Humidor Bag Fan
The small Boveda Humidor Bag holds up to 5 cigars.
Night out with cigars? The small Boveda Humidor Bag discreetly fits in a glove box, breast pocket, cigar case or handbag.


Looking for a gift for a cigar smoker who’s retiring, getting engaged, adding a child to the family or hosting you for the weekend? There’s no better way to give cigars then in a Boveda Humidor Bag, which is often available where you shop for smokes. The cigars will stay well-humidified well beyond the big day. And the Boveda Humidor Bag is reusable, so it’s actually two gifts in one. IMPRESSIVE!

Can’t find Boveda Humidor Bags at your cigar shop, order them here. (Then ask your tobacconist to carry them!)

“Very good for traveling, or for when giving cigars as a gift to someone who doesn’t have a humidor.”

— Michael M., Verified Boveda Humidor Bag Fan


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