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What Boveda Should I Use in a Tupperdor?

What’s a tupperdor? It’s a humidor on a beer budget! You can turn any clean plastic food container with a tight-fitting lid into inexpensive cigar storage. To keep cigars fresh in a tupperdor, use Boveda 69% RH inside.

What’s the Best Humidity for Cigars?

Depends on how you store your cigars. We recommend using Boveda 69% RH for cigars stored in airtight humidors, like tupperdors, Boveda Humidor Bags, polymer travel humidors and acrylic humidors. But the RH of your cigars is a personal preference.

Ideal RH (relative humidity) for cigars can range from 60% to 72%, depending on your cigar inventory. The right RH inside a humidor/tupperdor is up to you. Cigar humidity can be a challenging puzzle to decipher. Remember, cigars are hygroscopic. They absorb and retain moisture from their surroundings. In a humid locale, a cigar starts taking in moisture as soon as you pluck it from a humidor. Over-humidified cigars are harder to smoke. If you live in a humid climate and like how cigars burn and smoke when you store them with Boveda 69% RH, go for it. You don’t need to change a thing.

Scroll down to learn more in Fine-Tune Cigar Storage with the Right Boveda RH.

Boveda Unboxed Live Host Nate Beck uses 65% RH humidor packs year-round in his Pelican travel humidor because he likes to smoke cigars that are between 63 and 65%.

Should You Use Boveda 65% RH or 69% RH in a Tupperdor? Try a Smoke-Off!

Luckily, smokers in a humid climate can avoid over-humidifying cigars by switching to a lower RH Boveda. Experiment by using Boveda 65% RH instead in your tupperdor to see if the smokeabilty of your sticks improves. (Just don’t mix different Boveda RH within the same cigar storage.)

Got the Damp Cigar Blues?

How to tell if cigars are over-humidified:

  • Do they go out frequently?
  • Are the flavors muted?
  • Do they burn unevenly?

Hard to tell the difference? Geek out and do a side-by-side cigar humidity test—Boveda 69% RH vs Boveda 65% RH:

  1. Get two identical cigars
  2. Put one cigar in a tupperdor with Boveda 69% RH
  3. Put the second cigar in the other tupperdor with a Boveda 65% RH
  4. After a week or two, check the moisture level of each cigar with a CigarMedics HumidiMeter™. (This must-have cigar gadget accurately measures the moisture content and displays the relative humidity inside your cigars instead of the air.
  5. Smoke those two cigars back-to-back to see which RH you prefer (Hard job for a cigar smoker, but somebody has to do it!)

Should You Use Cedar Strips in a Tupperdor?

As far as slipping Spanish cedar strips in a tupperdor with cigars, go ahead. Nothing is better than the enticing aroma of wood mingling with tobacco! Using a tupperdor with cedar inside is fine, but it will never replace the experience of storing cigars in a wood humidor, IOHO.

Tip: The day before you plan to smoke a cigar, move it from a tupperdor to a wood humidor—best of both worlds!

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