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Seasoning a Humidor

What should the relative humidity (RH) be in my humidor while I season with Boveda? Why do I need to season a wood cigar humidor? How do I season a humidor with Boveda? Why do I use Boveda 84% RH to season a humidor, isn’t that too high for cigars? Why does seasoning a humidor with Boveda take 14 days? Where should I store cigars while seasoning my humidor with Boveda? Can I reuse Boveda for Seasoning packs?

Safe for Cigars

Can Boveda directly touch my cigars and tobacco? What do I need to know to protect my premium cigars?

RH of Boveda to Use

What Boveda RH do I need for tobacco? Can I mix Boveda relative humidity percentages for tobacco? Why did my RH level drop?

Number of Boveda to Use

How many Boveda do I need for my cigar humidor?

Feel of Boveda

Why do I feel small crystals or hard lumps inside my new Boveda?

Lifespan of Boveda

How can I maximize the life of Boveda? How long does Boveda last for cigars and tobacco? Can I recharge Boveda?

Replacing Boveda

When do I replace my Boveda?

Other Cigar Humidification Products

Can I use Boveda with other humidification devices in my cigar humidor?

Boveda Humidor Starter Kit

How do I use the Boveda Humidor Starter Kit to Set Up a Humidor?

Boveda Humidor Bags

How is a Boveda Humidor Bag different from a food bag for storing cigars? Is a Boveda Humidor Bag airtight? How many cigars fit in a Boveda Humidor Bag? How do you open a Boveda Humidor Bag? Where should I store a Boveda Humidor Bag? Is a Boveda Humidor Bag reusable? What RH do you use to refill a Boveda Humidor Bag?


Why do I need to calibrate a hygrometer? Do I need to calibrate a new digital hygrometer? How do I calibrate my hygrometer? Can you make your own salt test to calibrate a hygrometer? Can I calibrate my hygrometer using any RH Boveda? How often do I need to calibrate a hygrometer?